Falling into Autumn

by Chris Valentino, Partner/ECD

It has been a while since I have had a moment to sit and write about all the exciting changes that have occurred this past summer.  The saying “one door closes and another opens” is an apt description of the recent past.

I have been fortunate to work closely with a lot of clients on various types of projects and proposals.  Some go live and others to the wastebasket.  Yet through it all the creative muscle is flexed, torn and rebuilt in a fashion of human endurance and adaptability.   At the office we venture forth into the unknown and together sit engaged on the precipice of ingenuity.  We fantasize over bold ideas and innovative creative in the assured resolve that our passion and creativity will bear fruit from which wine can be made and celebration experienced.

We have been fortunate this summer to engage with some amazing companies, from Microsoft to Google to Layar.  As technology continues to progress faster than a melting froyo, we have kept our stride to stay informed and inspired.  It is this pace of action and exploration that we infuse in every project we develop.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by people who love what they do as much as I do.