The story goes like this…and that. So you should… and don’t forget…

Storytelling. Some new data to chew on from research consultancy Latitude. Nothing new from my perspective. I am constantly looking for new ways to bridge storytelling with digital media and new technology.

Technology to me offers not a distraction form storytelling, but a host of new props for us to utilize and integrate into the #Story bag of tricks.


Latitude’s new study, The Future of Storytelling, that shows that digital TV will be an integral part of how stories are told in the years to come. According to the study, “audiences are more ready than ever to embrace new tech-driven possibilities for stories to (affect) us more deeply.” The report identifies four different audience archetypes: Seekers, Relaters, Realists, and Players. Some of the stats Latitude dug up are below:

  • 78% want to “friend” a character digitally on Facebook or via text messages and have the ability to help sway the character’s decisions.
  • 87% want to see events through the eyes of a particular character or to switch between different characters’ points-of-view.
  • 41% use a second screen at least daily while watching TV, which includes 50% of 18-34 year-olds and 35% of 34-59 year-olds.
  • 67% say that using a second screen to interact with TV content would increase their overall TV viewing; this includes 63% of 34-59 year-olds.
  • The most popular second screen interactions for TV shows tend to be goal-oriented, such as earning rewards (80% interested), voting to decide a show’s outcome (79%), or making a purchase (76%).
  • 92% agree there’s a real opportunity for brands to make ads feel more like a story or a game that they’d naturally choose to engage with.

In Other Words: The more interactive you can make your series, the more fans will be into it. Yeah, that’s what she said Michael Scott.


Facebook: How to make it work for you

I am all about Social Media.  Infusing digital brand dialogue’s secret sauce into creating a batch of Social Brand Action.  While Social Media has many tentacles stretching across platforms such as twitter, google+, instagram, foursquare and more here are some tips I utilize when developing facebook campaigns.




  1. Give people a reason to like your page
  2. Stay relevant and active
  3. Pictures say a thousand words – use them as conversation starters
  4. Run a Contest or Sweepstakes
  5. Celebrate your fans, make the experience rewarding
  6. Take advantage of facebook ads’ Sponsored Stories
  7. Remember facebook fans are a network – and an extension of your on-air network (connect your website and social media outlets)
  8. Use Events as drivers for everything brand related to activate your fans


Be Likable

       Pages like RedBull and LL BEAN do a great job of like-gating offering an email opt-in as well.  This is great for connecting your web experience with facebook.

       It also create a visual presence on landing – make a splash.




Be A Part of Their Story

       Stay on topic

       Stay relevant

       Make your message cohesive using images, threads and contact with your fans

       Use the wall to jump start conversations and feed existing ones



Be Sharable

       Contests can be simple – from a scary quiz, to a sweepstakes, to recognizing your top fan interaction.

       Offer up prizes to drive interaction and promote sharing of your page


Take Advantage of your fans

       A little goes a long way with facebook’s Sponsored Stories ad offering. 

       Build relevance around a campaign by running a sponsored stories campaign in conjunction with on-air tent-poles

       Facebook Sponsored Stories Ads Have 46% Higher CTR, 18% Lower Cost Per Fan Says TBG Digital Test





Make a Great First Impression 

       Control what your fans see when they come to the page

       Welcome new fans with a landing page that directs them to like you

Featured Photos

       Get Creative

       Pick 5 relevant images to create a banner story

 Organize Left Panel Topics


       Keep Videos and Pictures visible

       Highlight applications

       Incorporate Twitter

       Start a Discussion

       Connect other Fan pages

-KEY is order!

Featured Likes

       Show Off Your Friends

       Pick up to 5 pages to feature here

       Add as many relevant fan pages to your own to connect with. This allows you to post as your page to their walls and attract new fans.





Metcalfe’s Law

The law of connections both loved and lost.


Metcalfe’s Law: the value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of users of the system (n2). Robert Metcalfe, who coinvented Ethernet along with David Boggs and cofounded 3Com, first formulated his law to explain the network effects of things like joining computers or fax machines together, but it’s just as useful for explaining social networks and the Web. 

Goldman, Jay (2008). Facebook Cookbook (pp. 3-4). O’Reilly Media. Kindle Edition.